Vacation Bible School 2023


Sunday School - 10:00A Sun Am Service - 10:45A Sun PM Service - 6:00p Wed Bible Study - 7:00p

Vacation Bible School 

June 12-16 | 6:45-8:30 p.m. 

All week, Monday through Friday we will have a jam packed evening of fun competitions, outdoor & gymnasium games, quick and delicious meals, , as well as dynamic, yet age-appropriate preaching! 

Two teams will compete again each other. They will earn points throughout the week that will culminate and determine Friday's winner! The team that wins will receive "The Mountain of Dew"! A penny offering will be conducted each night. We have a convenient place to exchange bills for pennies, this fun part of the evening is often a favorite and is worthy to prepare for. Each year all the monies given are then given back into a missions project. (Lighthouse Children's Home, Bill Rice Ranch, etc.) 

There will be skits, puppet shows, songs, collective group games, trivia and specials music. Our preaching part of the evening will conclude with an opportunity for each child to respond in an invitation. Those who do, will be met by an adult who will then guide and help them in spiritual matters. 

All of the adults and young people helping conduct our VBS program are recommended by our pastor and church. 

All those who PRE-REGISTER will receive a special gift!