Summer Camp 2023


Sunday School - 10:00A Sun Am Service - 10:45A Sun PM Service - 6:00p Wed Bible Study - 7:00p

This year you can have the opportunity of coming with us to the BILL RICE RANCH. We will be taking two groups: children ages 8-12 years old and teens ages 12-19 years old. 12 year olds have the options to chose which group they would like to be a part of. 

The BILL RICE RANCH is a summer camp best summarized with this acrostic: a CONTOLLED ATMOSPHERE for the MINISTRY of PREACHING. 

If you would like to be a part of this great experience please speak to Doug Barone, you can find him at one of our weekly services or you can call us at 865-435-7781.

Important information: 

Dates: Monday, July 10th - Saturday, July 15th 

Campers are required to stay the duration of the week*

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What to wear: 

Boys: No shorts. Athletic pants or sweatpants are fine. Jeans or khaki pants must be worn for services.  Girls: No pants. Shorts must be knee length and full [basketball style]. Skirts & Dresses are required for morning and evening services. No bikini style swimsuits for swimming.

What to bring: 

Bedding [sheets, blanket, pillow]. Bible & notebook. Towel, washcloth, soap. Campers may want to bring extra money for things like:  the Cowboy Cookout [$15], trail rides [$6 & $12], the Wild Frontier [$13], souvenirs, snacks & the café. 

What not to bring: 

Phones brought will be required to be turned in to Mount Pisgah Church counselor for the duration of camp. Boys: Nose Rings, Ear rings. 


Please speak to Doug Barone or Gail Walls regarding this. 

We will depart from Mount Pisgah Baptist Church at 2:00 p.m. on Monday, July 10th. We will return at 12:00 p.m. Saturday, July 15th.


The deadline for registration forms: Sunday, July 2nd. 

What goes on at the BILL RICE RANCH?

  • Bible preaching & teaching
  • Music contest's
  • Sports tournament's (Flag football, softball, soccer, volleyball, basketball) 
  • Competitive events ( outback obstacle course race, iron man contest, 9 square in the air tournament, etc.) 
  • Swimming 
  • Cowboy Town hangout
  • Too much money is spent at the LONGHORN CAFE` 

What is the campus like?

  • Security measures are above expectations.
  • Full time nurse on staff. 
  • Air conditioned & renovated cabins. (25% of the dorms are still awaiting renovations)
  • Buffet Style meals. 
  • Boys & girls dorms are separated and chaperoned. 

Thank you for your time!