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Church History

The earliest known records of Mount Pisgah Baptist Church are found in the ledgers of the Big Emory Association. These minutes indicate that Mount Pisgah was an established church by the year 1875. According to history, a group of twenty-seven people departed Mount Pisgah and organized a new church under the name Altar Grove. A man named Charlie Stonesipher gave Altar Grove a lot and furnished some materials for them to construct the first church building. Then, in 1925, the two groups reconciled; upon reuniting, it was decided that the church would be called Mount Pisgah.

For many years, Mount Pisgah became the leading church in the Big Emory Association. However, in 1950, due to Biblical reasons, Mount Pisgah left the association and became an independent Baptist church. To this day, Mount Pisgah has remained a stable, Bible believing church.