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Thanks for visiting Mount Pisgah Baptist Church!

Whether you're thinking about visiting for the first time, or have attended church your entire life, we would love to meet you! At Mount Pisgah, you will experience uplifting music and relevant preaching in a place that your entire family can call home.

Our worship services begin at 10:45 am and 6:00 pm, on Sundays and our prayer meeting and youth services begin at 7:00 pm on Wednesdays. Nurseries and children's programs are provided for all services and all services are interpreted for the deaf. Free transportation is also available for all services.

We hope that you'll visit with us soon at Mount Pisgah. If you have any questions, please call (865) 435-7781 to speak with one of our staff members. We hope to visit with you soon!

Mount Pisgah Baptist Church

Mount Pisgah Baptist Church in an independent baptist church located in Oliver Springs, Tennessee. Our location
is convenient for much of the East Tennessee area,
including Roane, Morgan, Anderson and Knox Counties.

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Our History

The earliest records of Mount Pisgah's existence are found in the Big Emory Association minutes. These records show that the church was existing in 1875. The church may have started then or before this period of time. It is our understanding that in 1895 a group of 27 people left Mount Pisgah and organized a church by the name of Altar Grove. The old Mount Pisgah was located near the underpass in Alcorn Hollow. Those 27 members who left in 1895 moved the present location of Mount Pisgah Baptist Church and there formed Altar Grove.

A man by the name of Charlie Stonesipher gave them a lot and furnished some of the materials to build the first church.In 1925 these two groups of people, Altar Grove and the Old Mount Pisgah came back together and they decided to drop the name of Altar Grove and be known as Mount Pisgah. For many years Mount Pisgah was the leading church in the Big Emory Association. In 1950, due to Biblical reasons, Mount Pisgah became an Independent Baptist Church.The heritage of the people of Mount Pisgah and their belief in the Scriptures as the infallible Word of God has given us a good foundation to stand upon. It's like we are standing on Holy Ground!

Mount Pisgah Baptist Church started around 1875. During the many years of its existence the people have met in many different buildings. The growth of the church over the years has demanded that different buildings be built. In September 2006, we completed construction on a new auditorium that should meet our needs for years to come.